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May 20, 2010
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Ottawa, Ontario

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Rollin Hand

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    Ottawa, Ontario


    EVH Striped Series B&W, Fender Highway 1 Strat HSS, Peavey freakin' Wolfgang, Pieced together VH1 Strat sans paint, OLP MM1, Washburn N3, Agile AL 3100 wide Rootbeer, Douglas Spad, Douglas Scope 725, an Ibanez RG350MZ, an Ibanez 420RSII, an Ibanez MTM2, a Watson Wolfgang copy, project Sustained Effort, a Yamaha Pacifica 1221, LTD EC-256 and an SX 5-string Ursa jazz bass, through a Peavey Classic 20, Hotone Heart Attack Nano, or a 6505 MH, possibly through a Mesa Rectifier 2x12, or an Eleven Rack though not all at once.