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June 5
Palm Beach Gardens, FL
Underachieving Forex trader

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The Great Enabler, Male, from Palm Beach Gardens, FL

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    June 5
    Palm Beach Gardens, FL
    Underachieving Forex trader
    My Gear:
    See below
    Agile AD-201 (cherry) Gibson 50s Tribute P90s
    Agile AD-201 (2TS) Harpmaster P90s*
    Agile AD-201 (TVY) Seymour Duncan Vintage SP90-1*
    Agile AD-201 (white) Gibson P90ST-SR*
    Agile AD-2200 Reissue (TVY) Gibson 495T/495R minis*
    Agile AD-2300 (dark cherry) stock*
    Agile AD-2000 (black flame) Harpmaster HB sized P90s
    Agile AD-2500 (black flame) SIN Jimmy Page
    Agile AD-2500 (Amber) SIN EVH Wolfgangs
    Agile AD-3200MCC (CSBF) Buddha Alnico 4s*
    Agile AL-2000 (CSBF) Dimarzio Super Distortions
    Agile AL-2000 P90 (Gold Top) Rose Edens
    Agile AL-2000 P90 (Gold Top) #2 Gibson 70s Tribute minis*
    Agile AL-2000 (Black/gold) Buddha HB sized P90s
    Agile AL-2000 (Honey Sunburst) Dimarzio 36th Anniversary
    Agile AL-2000 (White/gold) Buddha Hexbuckers
    Agile AL-2000 (root beer flame) Guitar Madness Alnico 5s*
    Agile AL-2000 (silverburst) AMI LZ-01
    Agile AL-2000 (Tiger Eye) Guitar Madness Alnico 2 Premium
    Agile AL-2500 12 string ( HSB) GFS Gold Foils
    Agile AL-2500 (Black Cherry Flame) Shoreline Bluesberry
    Agile AL-2500 (Blue/Green Flame) Harpmaster
    Agile AL-2500 old headstock (CSBF) SIN EVH Wolfgangs
    Agile AL-2500 Wide (CSBF) Seymour Duncan SH-6 Distortion*
    Agile AL-2500 (Amber) Golden Age PAFs
    Agile AL-2500 (Root Beer) Seymour Duncan APH1s
    Agile AL-2800 Uniform (Green Quilt) ) 498T/490R
    Agile AL-3000 slim (CSB Plain Top) 490T/490R
    Agile AL-3000 (black) Gibson Burstbucker Pros
    Agile AL-3000 (CSBF) Buddha custom Alnico 5s
    Agile AL-3000 (CSBF) #2 stock*
    Agile AL-3000 (GT) Buddha Burstbucker 2&3 clones
    Agile AL-3001 (CSBF) Buddha Alnico 2s
    Agile AL-3010 (Gold Top) High Order P90s
    Agile AL-3010SE (CSB Plain top) Schecter Pasadenas
    Agile AL-3010SE (purple quilt) Dimarzio Eric Johnson
    Agile AL-3010SE (CSBF) Seymour Duncan JB/Jazz
    Agile AL-3010SE (Tribal Blue) Gibson 57/57+
    Agile AL-3010SE (Tribal Red) Gibson 500T/496R
    Agile AL-3010SE (Green quilt) Seymour Duncan 59s
    Agile AL-3010SE (teal flame) AMI Mr. Butterfinger
    Agile custom AL-3000M (HSBF) DB single pickup) Railhammer Hyper Vintage
    Agile custom AL-3100 (white) Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates
    Agile AL-3100 (CSBF) Gibson Burstbucker 2 & 3s
    Agile AL-3100 WIDE (CSBF) AMI Hi-Fis
    Agile AL-3100M (HSB) Gibson 498T/490R
    Agile AL-3100M (CSBF) Giovanni GVH-2s
    Agile AL-3100MCC (CSBF) Buddha Custom A5 splits*
    Agile AL-3100MC (Oceanburst) Giovanni GVH-59
    Agile AL-3200 (CSBF) Giovanni GVH-1s
    Agile AL-3200 (Tobacco 2TS) stock*
    Agile ALD-3010SE (black) stock*
    Agile AS-1000 (Gold Top) TV Jones Classic/Classic Plus*
    Agile AS-820 (white) GFS Nashvilles*
    Agile AS-820 (2TS) GFS Memphis*
    Agile AS-820 original headstock/horn) (natural) AL-3K bridge/Gibson ES-335 neck
    Agile AX-2 Ghost (white) stock
    Agile Dauntless (Tobacco Burst plain top) EMG 60/81s*
    Agile Dauntless w/Floyd Rose (black) stock*
    Agile Harm 3 (black) Seymour Duncan SM-3 minis*
    Agile Harm I P90 (CSB) Buddha P90 prototypes*
    Agile Harm I P90 (white) Gibson USA mini-humbuckers*
    Agle LP-2500 (CSBF) stock
    Agile PS-900 (blue flame) unknown
    Agile TC-625 MN H TBR (brown flame) Fender Original Vintage *
    Agile Valkyrie (dark cherry) stock
    Anslin Dane Cidera SG (black) stock
    Bad Cat Unicorn LP (Tokyo Sunset) Dean Cadillac 1980
    Bargain Musician LP (purple burst) BWG Warlords
    Bargain Musician SG-3 Custom (mahogony) Guitar Madness 59ers*
    Brownsville V (3TS) stock
    Burny John Sykes LP (black/chrome) Iron Gear Hot Slags*
    Chibson LP Special double cutaway Gibson Custom Shop P90s
    Chibson Tobacco Burst LP Epi 50SR/60ST
    Chibson CSBF SG stock*
    Cort Strat (black) stock
    Cort "lawsuit" GE27VD Les Paul (tobacco flame) stock
    Cozart LP 54 LP (Gold Top) Tonerider Hot 90
    Cozart 12 string Tele (natural swamp ash) stock
    Danelectro 59 Modified stock
    Davison Les Paul (black/gold) Agile ceramics
    Davison SG (white) stock*
    Davison Strat (lavander) Harpmaster Little Jimmys*
    Dillion DRK-69 (Rickenbacker inspired) stock
    Dillion DL-650 (green flame) stock
    Dillion DL-600 56 LP (Gold Top) GFS minis
    Dillion Phoenix VII (Cardinal Red) stock
    Dillion DLJR58 (heritage cherry) GFS Vintage wound P90*
    Dillion DLJR58 (TVY) stock
    Dillion DR500X (CSBF) stock
    Don R. Miller Les Paul (mahogany plain top) stock
    Douglas Gravity P90 Thinline (black) Buddhabacker P90s*
    Douglas Gravity NT AS VN BWG Dirty Rivers
    Douglas Gravity WFS TA Seymour Duncan APTL1/APTR1
    Douglas TL-100 MN 2TS GFS 52 Vintage Pro
    Eastwood Classic 12 (metallic blue) stock
    Eastwood McGeoch 1000 Guitar Madness Dirty Digits*
    Edwards ELP-92 (CSBF) Syemour Duncan JB/Jazz
    Edwards EX-120D Explorer (black) Bare Knuckle Cold Sweats
    Epiphone Dot (cherry) Seymour Duncan Seth Lovers
    Epiphone Casino Giovanni P90s*
    Epiphone Sheraton II Probuckers
    Epiphone G-400 Pro (dark cherry) stock (Alnico Classic Pros)
    Epiphone LP-100 (CSB) stock*
    Epiphone Special II (VB) GFS Dream 180s
    Epiphone Standard (black) Epi Ceramic Plus
    Epiphone Standard MIK (CSBF) Tonerider A4s
    Epiphone Standard MIK (Tobacco Burst) Seymour Duncan Slash Alnico 2s
    Epiphone PlusTop Pro (CSBF) Alnico Classic Pros
    Epiphone Custom Pro (black) stock (Probucker 2&3)
    Epiphone Elitist Les Paul (HSB) 2005 stock (50SR/60ST)
    Fender American 2003 Telecaster (Hot Rod Red) stock
    Fender American 2003 Stratocaster (Chrome Red) stock
    Fender MIM Standard Telecaster (2TS) DiMarzio Twang King
    Fender 2015 MIM Plustop Stratocaster (CSB) Symour Duncan YYM Fury*
    Fender MIM Stratocaster (purple) 1996 AMI Johnny Staggers
    Fender MIM Stratocaster (metallic green) Fender Texas Specials
    Fernandes early 90s MIJ Telecaster (BSB) stock
    Fernandes prototype offset (silver) stock
    Firefly FF338 semi hollow (blue burst) Rose Rickenbacker clones*
    Fishbone FFB-6 Phoenix (Firebird) Guitar Madness Super 8s*
    G&L ASAT Tribute (natural) stock
    Giannini GIL-150 (VB) Duncan Designed HB-103s*
    Giannini GIL-202FM (gold flame) Entwhistle Dark Stars
    Giannini GSH-202 (Orange) GFS Liverpools*
    Gibson 50s Tribute (dark cherry) 2012 stock (P90)
    Gibson 70s Tribute (Silver burst) stock (mini-humbuckers)
    Gibson Studio (Radiant Red) stock (498T/490R)
    Gibson Studio (Vintage Burst) stock (498T/490R)
    Gibson SG Junior Reissue P90 (black) stock
    Gibson 2012 Traditional LP (dark blue) stock (57/57+)
    Gibson 2014 VOS R7 Gold Top stock (custombuckers)
    Greco 1982 Custom (CSB plain top) stock
    Gretsch G5435 Electromatic ProJet (black) stock Filtertrons
    Gretsch Corvette (white) stock Megatrons
    Gretsch G2622 Streamliner (Torino green) stock Broadtrons
    Grote Firebird (VB) AMI minis
    Grote Rickenbacker 381/12V69 (Fireglo) GFS NYIIs*
    Hadean EG-491 MN HH (vintage White) Telecaster Schecter Super Rock
    Hadean EG-491 BI (black double bound) Buddha Demo Alnico 3s
    Hardluck Kings Spider Gibson DS-C*
    Hagstrom Swede (Gold Top) stock
    Harley Benton CST-24 (blue flame) stock
    Harley Benton EX-76 (black) GFS Red Actives*
    Harley Benton JA-60 (VW) Tone Emporium P-90s*
    Harley Benton FV-430 (black) Airline Hot 10s
    Harley Benton L-400 (black satin) Entwhistle HV-58s
    Harley Benton L400 (Gold Top) Ibanez Super 58s
    Harley Benton L-450 Plus (CSBF) Rose 3x3 offsets
    Harley Benton S-580 (dark cherry) GFS Mean 90s
    Harley Benton SC-Custom (matte black) stock*
    Harley Benton SC-Junior (VB) stock*
    Harley Benton SC-450 Plus (HBF) stock (Wilkinson)
    Harley Benton SC-550 Paradise GM Hot Rod humbuckers (crème)
    Harley Benton-TE-20 Telecaster (black) Guitar Madness Tele 25s*
    Harley Benton TE-90FLT VW Deluxe Cabronita Stock
    Harley Benton HB-35Plus (Cherry) GFS A2 Pros*
    Harley Benton HB-35 (black) Shoreline Gretsch clones *
    Harley Benton TE-90QM (Trans Red) stock
    Heritage H-150 black) stock
    Ibanez ART100 (black) stock
    Ibanez AM93 (VB) stock
    Jay Turser JT-220 (Natural flame) TBD
    Jay Turser JT-220D Custom (Red flame) Probucker 2&3s
    Jay Turser JT-300 (CAR) Tonerider Alnico II Blues*
    Jay Turser JT-50 (dark cherry) Donlis Alnico 2s
    Jay Turser JT-220 (CSB Plain Top) stock *
    Jay Turser JT-220 (CSBF) stock*
    Jay Turser JT-133 Keith Armstrong HPAs*
    Jay Turser JT-LT Deluxe Telecaster Buddha Alnico 3s*
    Jimmy Chang SG (heritage cherry) stock*
    ESP LTD EC-256 (Lemon drop) stock
    ESP LTD EC-1000CTM DMZ (gloss black) stock (DMZ 36th Anniversary)
    Maison LP (CSBF) AXL A5 humbuckers
    Minarik Lotus (blue burst) stock
    Monogram MR-820G stock
    Oscar Schmidt OE20 (Vintage burst) Epi Alnico Classic Pros
    OSP Les Paul ES Gretsch Broadtron*
    OSP Les Paul Donlis Alnico 5 zebras/covers
    Raven West DM300 (Lizard Quilt0 Golden Age Parson Street Alnico 3s*
    Raven West DM300 (Natural flame) stock*
    Reverend Manta Ray HB (Turqoise Flame) stock
    Rickenbacker 330 Fireglo stock
    Reville MV-X (blue flame) PRS SE Santana
    Reville MV-XM Maverick (lemon flame) Guitar Madness 57s*
    Reville Q90 (metallic purple)
    Reville RX-19 SG (green burst) stock*
    Reville RPT-199 thinlne stock*
    Samick Artist LP (CSBF) stock
    Sawtooth ET 50 Tele (black) GFS Lil Punchers
    Sawtooth ST-ET 50 Tele (SBW) BWG Claymores
    Schecter S-1 (dark cherry) stock (Duncan Designed HB-102s)
    Schecter T S/H-1 (CAR) stock
    Squier CV50 Telecaster (BSB) Esquire replica Seymour Duncan STL-1B*
    Squier CV50 Telecaster (BSB) stock
    Squier CV50 Stratatocaster (2TS) stock
    Stagg L-320 (Vintage burst) stock*
    Stagg L-400 Custom stock*
    Starfire Teardrop (2TS) stock*
    Stellar Merc 006 LP stock*
    SX Callisto Custom (black) Giovanni GVH-1
    SX Callisto Jr (dark mahogany) Epiphone P90SBCPs
    SX Callisto Jr original style (dark mahogany) Kent Armstrong Stealth 90s
    SX Deimos (CSBF) Iron Gear Hot Slags*
    SX GGI STD (dark mahogany) GFS A2 Pros
    SX GG1 CLA P90 Gold Top Parrott P90s*
    SX GG6 Epiphone Probuckers*
    SX Gypsy Rose Strat (pink) stock*
    SX KY-1 (natural flame/gold) Gretsch Electromatics
    SX Liquid (Vanilla) GFS Surf 90s
    SX Liquid MN Alder 3P90 Stop LPB Roadhouse Kingston Minis*
    SX Furrian Thinline (3TS) Squier CV60s*
    SX Furrian Thinline (CAR) Squier CV50s
    SX Furrian CAR Bound Fender Original Vintage
    SX Furrian (black) double bound Seymour Duncan Alnico 2s
    SX Furrian MN Alder NA Parrot Alnico 5s
    SX STL-50 (BSB) Fender Noiseless
    SX SST62 Strat (LPB) Buddha lipsticks*
    SX RST Strat (CAR) Parrot Alnico 3s
    SX SST Ash MN NA (old headstock) Fender Fat 50s*
    SX HAWK MN Ash NA Mozz Alnico 5s
    SX HAWK MN Ash TB Blue Rose Gilmours
    SX SST PG BK Mirror series Seymour Duncan JB/STK-7/STK-4*
    SX Taurus II (3TS) Giovanni GVT-1s*
    SX Taurus II MN NA) Fender 51 Nocasters*
    Tokai Love Rock Junior 58 Seymour Duncan SP90-3b Custom*
    Tokai Love Rock Special TJ-90 Epiphone Probucker minis*
    Tradition S-20 (black) Tone Emporium PE-06
    Tradition S-200 (black) stock
    Vantage 635TG stock
    Washburn WI64 (dark cherry) Duncan Designed HB-101s
    Wolf 750T LP (purple flame) stock
    Wolf WRK300 (VB) stock
    Yamaha AES620 (Black flame) stock
    Fretwire Rickenbacker style kit
    Bargain Musician Explorer kit

    Marshall SL-5 combo
    Bugera V22 combo
    Vox AC15 Custom combo
    Blackstar ID:30 TVP combo
    Marshall Code 25 combo
    Atomic Amplifire A3


    Delightful mix of insolence, arrogance and narcissism
    Republican moderate trapped in a heavy metal chassis
    Growing up, only kid in the neighborhood with an Uncle Ahkbar