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    Clearing out a few items, paypal only, all prices include shipping unless noted. ConUS only.

    GFS pickups: I will include a pickup ring and screws if I can get together some extras in my spare parts. Check with me before buying.
    $20-Crunchy Pat Zebra Bridge- Full lead
    $30-Lipstick Tele bridge- Full lead
    $20-Lil killer black neck- Full lead
    $20-Lil Killer black middle- Full lead

    Add $5 shipping for all caps
    Orange Drop Caps:
    $1.25 ea -.047 for strats/singles
    $.50 ea -.002 for treble bleed

    N.O.S Orange Caps:
    I bought these as NewOldStock Orange caps, they are more red than orange, not 100% sure if they are Spragues or not, but they appear to certainly be an upgrade over stock caps:
    $1 ea -.022 for humbuckers

    Grab bag of Potentiometers/Pots, ~25 pots total:
    Mostly B500k's, some b250k's. ~25 in total. Some full size Alpha. All used, all but maybe 1 or 2 should be fully functional.
    $12 shipped

    Possibly more to come later.

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