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    Hey guys,

    I just recently got an RGA 7 string Ibanez which I reviewed earlier but then this showed up for sale and I had to let the RGA go. I thought about keeping it as a beater, mod it and stuff but then I thought better and decided to hand this off to a better home where it could be appreciated for what it is.


    Ibanez RG1027PBF


    I don't know how Ibanez did it. Highly figured Poplar burl top, Dimarzio PAFs, stainless steel frets with rolled fret ends, Luminescent dot markers (that really glow!), 11 (ELEVEN) piece neck, locking tuners, fantastic multitool, semi-hardcase. Less than $900.

    Overall, 11 out of 10 hahaha!


    That top is mesmerizing. "Cerulean Blue" sunburst with that toasted-marshmallow-butterfly-wing center. And that 11 piece neck is a thing of beauty with the best fretwork I've ever seen on any guitar.

    Still, I'll give it a 9 out of 10 because there seems to be a "rough" patch in the back of the neck where the grain is quite evident plus there's this little nub (which I've managed to rub down a bit). Neck needed a little work but now it's awesome.

    Next, you have this clear division on the top armrest where the poplar top ends. Not a major thing. It's just funny to see exactly where they literally cut a corner.


    It has a Poplar top, wenge fretboard and stainless frets, making it quite bright sounding, overall.

    I've sold guitars in the past that sounded bright because I was into the whole Gibson sound but nowadays, my tastes have gone the other way since I like to fiddle with tone and volume and I like being able to dial in the tone that I want; from bright sparkle to low-meaty.

    But, especially on a 7 string, you need that clarity and focus.

    In-between settings from the 5 way selector switch gives you out of phase settings for that clear, percussive twang. If you need something more jazzy or bluesy, you need to roll off the tone.

    My favorite setting is the middle (both pups). So powerful. Roll the tone knob a bit and you get a Les Paul bridge tone on steroids.


    Beautiful, plays excellent, light and comfy, all the clarity you could ever want, sustains like the best of em and at less than $900 new? I just can't wrap my head around it.

    Usually, with higher end Asian guitars, they tend to favor antiseptic quality and loading it up with features to the point that you lose character.

    Not this guitar.

    Sure there are some cut corners but this thing screams Power and brilliant clarity.

    I'm more into metal but I like the blues and jazz. This is a modern metal guitar at it's heart but the classy look and tonal versatility means I can djent and jazz anytime, anywhere.

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