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    It kinda surprises me too but this is the first time I have an entire soup to nuts rig coming on the same day .
    The interesting thing is that the whole concept hit me all at once in one mega-thought kinda like those rare moments when a song comes to you.
    I am putting together a small , light weight , battery-powered rig WITH the guitar . The guitar is a model that just came on to the market from a bigger manufacturer.They had a short run last year which was more like a test . I was so bummed I didn't pick one up then.I have been up their asses for a year sending them pics of me playing small guitars and reached out to their rep.

    I have never been a Busker. When I was young and smug I used to laugh at these people. I had a lot of other stupid POV's about music too like never doing covers. I have gone 180 degrees from so many limited ideas of the past. My goal is to go into the subways and have myself videoed for promotional purposes. I've become such a Ham ( see avatar) that I don't have the slightest resistance , fear or trepidation around doing this. I'm actually psyched.
    So the list is :
    New Mini Guitar ( wait till you see this thing...It's so ME )
    Under bridge-plate piezo Transducer
    Lightweight battery powered PA
    Small Yamaha Mixer and bracket to attach to the speaker stand
    6000 mAh 12V dc rechargeable battery pack to power mixer
    Audio Technica wired headset mic
    Mini Speaker Stand ( 27" folded)
    Case for stand and mixer

    I spent a few bucks but it's state of the art AND cheap considering what's out there which was exhaustively researched.Everything but the battery and piezo will be arriving tomorrow so ...
    Pics as it HAPPENS...

    note: Battery is coming today. Was supposed to be here yesterday and I sat here the entire effin' day but they rescheduled the delivery anytime in the next 4 days. I called and went apeshit. I'm getting it today
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