Xaviere Xv-550 Review

Discussion in 'Gear Reviews' started by Reddog3d, Nov 22, 2014.

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    Well, it's been about 2 weeks since I got my XV-550, and I thought I would give a review.

    I posted a NGD, so if you want to see pictures, you can check that thread.

    Right after I got the guitar, I removed the strings and polished the frets. I then put on a set of D'Addario EXL110W Strings with a wound 3rd (10-46). I use 10's on all my guitars, but after the strings thread, I wanted to try the wound 3rd's on a
    semi hollow body. I let the guitar set in it's new environment for 4 days with the new strings, checking the tuning each day, and stretching each sting.

    Yesterday, I sat down with my tools and adjusted the neck, action and intonation. I set the action low enough I can hammer the strings like I am playing an acoustic when it is unplugged, but low enough that the action is like playing a Les Paul. I also adjusted the pickup heights on the
    neck and bridge pickups so they produced the same volume level between the neck and bridge, and from left to right on the individual pickups.

    Results? This
    guitar can be set for PERFECT intonation with this setup. It was close before, but it is spot on now. With the action this way, there is no buzzing on any string, anywhere on the neck. The action is smooth. The pickups are excellent for any style of music, and give a great sound overdriven or clean. The neck pup is mellow, very smooth, great for jazz or just strumming chords. The bridge pickup has nice bite, with an excellent sound when overdriven. And the way the body is a routed out single piece of mahogany, gives it great resonance. I think that also contributes to reduced feedback when playing it overdriven compared to most semi hollow bodies.

    Overall opinion: I would rank this guitar easily on an equal with my recently purchased Epiphone Genesis. The big difference between the two is the Genesis did not require the frets to be polished, and did not require the
    extensive setup. The Genesis needed minor intonation set up and that was it. But the XV-550 is easily worth more than the $209 I got it for. It is a pleasure to play, and has an awesome sound, plugged in or unplugged.
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